BATTING CAGESThe Golf Dome West Island doesn’t just cater to golf enthusiasts. We also cater to baseball & softball players. Even though there is no professional baseball team in the city anymore, there are still many people who enjoy and play the game of baseball.

During the summer months we have the best indoor batting practice facility around. One of Canada’s biggest indoor batting cages set-up! Lots of fun for children (8 years+), teens and adults.

Great practice for league players to improve timing, hand-eye co-ordination and ball trajectory. Inside, heights & speeds are adjustable and players see the ball travel 100 yards. Outside, heights are adjustable and players see the ball travel 40 feet.

*Please note the batting cages are available from Mid-April through Mid-October.**With reservation, you can also book 1 Hr of batting practice with unlimited pitches for $90.00.?

Indoor Pitching Machines
(1 Baseball, 1 Softball)
Outdoor Automated Batting Cage
(Baseball & Softball)
25 balls = $7.5025 balls = $4.00
50 balls = $12.5050 balls = $6.50
100 balls = $18.00100 balls = $10.00